Dripline for hedges and shrubs

Maintenance of the irrigation system 

We provide various services for keeping your irrigation system working efficiently, such as equipment like irrigation controllers, filters, rain sensors, water pump systems and control panels, solenoid valves, solar-powered items, and irrigation tank top-up systems.
Some checkpoints are:

a. check the controller in working condition, proper schedules, etc

b. check the sprinklers in their  PPR set area and with the correct coverage 

c. check drip lines and spray equipment in conditions meant to do the job

d. replacing and modifying your system 

e. rectifying faulty green wall and landscape irrigation systems 

supplying exact brands or suggesting replacement 


Irrigation maintenance is one of the most important factors in reducing water waste in the landscape A well-maintained and properly adjusted system is essential for a healthy, beautiful, Spending time maintaining a couple of times a season will ensure that used efficiently the irrigated 

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