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Irrigation systems : Controllers , valves , drippers , fittings , hoses , pumps , water tanks , filters , decoders , rain sensors , soil sensors 

Looking for Toro , Rainbird , Weathermatics , Hunter , Signature , Orbit , K Rain , DigCorp , Irritrol, POPe , Netafim you name it we find them for you at the lowest price.

Stock to short lead time are what most customers are looking for , look no more than come to us ; full range of products that you can complete/maintain small to medium projects .

Our extensive ranges and supplies alow  us to also procure low low prices for your projects, that takes your worries away.

Whether you need low pressure system or high pressure , such as drip, sprays , on wall , on roof, on the grounds, on the pots , we have that systems for you.

When you are doing maintenance, the last thing you want to hear from your suppliers is to wait for 1 months for the parts to arrive. Can you afford to wait?

Stock available or source for short lead time micro , sprays , drip  irrigation systems and components that you can rely on us:

Best of all we train your staff on product knowledge of installation , safety handling , maintenance , replacement etc and more for nothing .

1. Battery operated and AC  timers/controllers, rain sensors.

Solar irrigation controller and weather station:


 2. Micro irrigation fittings : micro tubes, drip line, LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE ,pop ups with nozzles, hoses, connectors and joiners. 



3. Compressed pipes connections, with various diameters and combinations.

4. Vertical garden kits , with various strength and weight.

5. Web and smartphone  monitoring,reacting,adjusting etc for all usage .

6. Various type of vertical planters from heavy duty to desk top.From garden to your kitchen and office.

 email or call HP:+65-98150037


Singapore & Indonesia 

 Seasol - Powerfeed